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Tuesday 31 March 2015 13:04:37 by Juliette Sellin on Exhibitions

© Nick Gentry
Exhibitions From 4/4/2015 to 26/4/2015 Closed

Absolute Art Gallery Knokke Zeediijk Het Zoute 806 B-8300 Knokke

Born in London, 1980, Nick Gentry is a graduate from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in the UK. He increasingly continues to make a name for himself on an international level with his distinctive works. Gentry re-uses obsolete media such as floppy disks and rolls of film negatives. He likes the idea that personal memories and special moments can somehow be preserved. The choice of media forms the subject of each work. The result is an archaeological display of digital history, memorializing the brief yet crucial roles they played in modern technology. As technology continues to advance, Gentry traces the effect of the changes as well as reflecting on its future. Gentry assembles the variety of recycled media to construct the canvas. The life and personality of these objects form the subject of each artwork, the painting on top serves merely as an access point. This could be seen as a reversal of the traditional approach to portraiture. Working with discarded disks, they often still carry the words and markings written on them. The information is in a dormant state in the disk. One of the central spools is often a focal point, usually emanating from the eye of the face. Working lately with negatives and X-rays leads to further explorations in using light and shadow to create tone.

© Nick Gentry

© Nick Gentry

© Nick Gentry

Juliette Sellin

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